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MQ-203WP Jade Silk


MQ-218 Calacatta Tree


MQ-713WB Tranquility White


MQ-L722 Gris Ardoise

Mikado Quartz

At Mikado Quartz, we believe every quartz slab should be timeless. Through its style and durability, it should be the focus of a kitchen, a bathroom or even a home. Just like a piece of art.

With our craftsmanship spirits, Mikado Quartz collaborates with group of talented material engineers to pursue creative yet classic styles and maintain the highest quality manufacturing to deliver the most consistent and beautiful products to our customers.

Mikado Quartz is engineered using more than 90% quartz content. With a variety of colors and textures, Mikado Quartz allows you to embrace your imagination of home, kitchen and bathroom design while remaining easy to clean and use. Make your imagination timeless.


At Saiens, believe the value of thinking as a scientist, to be practical and reliable. With a solid background of chemistry as our R&D fundamental, we pursue the best quality of products and most efficient process.

We supply the best quality of quartz surface as the beginning, extend to other surface materials. Not just think and do things like a scientist, we also embrace the artistry perspective. We collaborate with architects, interior designers to imagine the future images of Saiens.

We care about the building the authentic relationship with our clients, being honest and reliable are our first priority. Our mission is to become to the greatest material partner for our customers.